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    Hofurni US 外貿響應式品牌網站
    Hofurni US Limited was established in 2010 in Foshan,Guangdong.The products are sold in the United States,Europe,Southeast Asia and other areas of the world,relying on its convenient transportation(geography advantage of the Pearl River Delta) and Foshan’s unique advantage of full range of products categories.We mainly engaged in customized products for hotels,villas,clubs,apartments,catering,etc,including furniture,LED mirror,lighting, chairs, bathroom vanity,quartz,carpet, safe and other accessory products,providing customer a complete set of service.Our solution is one stop for our clients with quality, price and service assurance.Our commitment to excellent quality and exceptional customer service throughout the duration of your project will establish a life-long relationship with our company. We would be pleased to have an opportunity to enhance your business and provide you with the best service. We are looking forward to working with you.